CAT West Marches

The Undeathing of Red John

After the information received from Sycamor Stirling a party was gathered to end the existence of the undead known as Red John. The party consisted of Alício Martinos Juarez, Jörn Coppercord, Sonum Den, Silas Silverclaw and two other characters whose names aren’t on the website so I can’t link them nor do I remember them, but they were there. The party went out into the crater formally known as the Howling Plains and followed what was left of a road on its edge.

While traveling on the first day the party was accosted by 4 Intelligent bloody skeleton lancers each riding a bloody skeleton horse. Though the party was able to easily destroy the skeletons they were unable consecrate the body’s, the party deciding not to worry too much about it threw their bodies into the crater. The skeletons are assumed at large at the bottom of the crater. The same day as the lancers the party approached a few hills they were ambushed and attacked by more skeletons. Though the same type of skeletons, these ones carried longbows and hid behind the hills as roughly 10 skeletons began firing at the party. Though caught by surprise the party was able to destroy them and the bodies similarly dealt with.

The party continued on to the crypt of Red John and found it devoid of movement, alive or undead. Outside the crypt was a pond that was irradiated and unsafe to drink or swim in. At the bottom of said lake were something that detected as magic but after some deliberation the party decided they would deal with Red John first. Not wanting to be caught outside Red John’s crypt the party open the doors to the crypt and continue in. The crypt was crowded and barley lit, inside the first room the walls were lined with Sarcophagi which seemed to be rebuilding skeletons, presumed to be the ones the party destroyed. With no sign of Red John the party continued down the stairs and towards the main room. Inside the room was a large closed tomb and more sarcophagi, yet no sign of Red John. The party cautiously continued into the room and quickly found Red John Hanging on the ceiling. He dropped down and attacked Silas gravely injuring the were tiger. The party quickly mounted a counter attack but realized their weapons were of no use against the large undead Red John. After another attack from Red John the party retreated out of the crypt hoping the rumor that Red John wouldn’t leave the crypt would be true. As they ran out of the crypt they saw Red John behind them closing the doors.

The party decided to camp for the night and plan for the coming days. Over the next 3 days the party did a few important things. They healed their wounds. They got supplies from town and created alchemical Holy Balm. They dredged the pond to find a magic morning star. They made an amulet so Silas could damage Red John. They discovered what Red John was, a blood wraith. With their preparations in hand they delved back into the crypt. They find red John this time not on the ceiling but above the door ready for an attack. Like the last time he attacks and drops infront of the party creating a bottle neck. But unlike last time the party is able to damage and affect Red John with attacks and spells thanks to their careful preparation. Although still deadly the party Rekills Red John. Not all is as it seems though Red John upon death explodes in eruption of negative energy and blood. From Red John’s center acidic blood, much like the “water” found in the pond begins to fill the room. Much like last time the party quickly begins running up the stairs to exit the crypt.

The party waits at the top uncertain of what to do but is reassured as the blood runs out the crypt into the crater. The party re enters the crypt, find Red John’s phalactery and destroy it.

With Red John destroyed for good the party returns to Redding Town, victorious

The End of the Halflings

Date July 23, 2017
In Game duration 2 days
In game dates 9/19-9/20
Region Explored Howling Plains

Party Members
Silas Silverclaw
Jonas Aleman
Ezekiel Barleycorn

Silas, Jonas, and Ezekiel decided to venture into the Howling Plains to continue Silas’s quest of destroying the halflings for Nadia. They ventured about 10 miles into the plains to the most fortified of the halfling encampments, forgoing tactics in favor of a hard and fast frontal assault. The guards and their lizard pets were dealt with quickly and without mercy, with notable highlights including a magnificent wall run up the fortifications by Silas. As they finished the guards, shouting was heard from the interior of the encampment. From the top of the wall, they witnessed the ascension of THE GREAT HALFLING MUGWUMP.

The Mugwump and three additional guards were being born aloft by a large inflated frog with a wicker basket tied to the bottom of it, rising slowly from a pit in the center of the encampment. Acting quickly, Silas and Ezekiel took shots at it with their bows. The Mugwump managed to briefly curse Silas with uncontrollable laughter, but he quickly shook it off. Thinking fast, Jonas withdrew a flask of lantern oil, placed a node of blasting on it, and launched it at the frog-blimp. The entire contraption exploded in a blaze of fire and oil, killing all but the Mugwump. As the Mugwump struggled to emerge from the remnants of the basket, Silas leaped from the top of the walls and drove his sword through the head of the Mugwump.

They looted the bodies of the halflings, giving the Staff of the Mugwump to Ezekiel as he was the only halfling among them. Upon inspection of the pit, it was revealed that it was an opening to an immense underground swampy cavern 500 feet below the surface. The noxious swamp gasses had allowed them to inflate their frogs for crude flight into and out of the cavern, allowing the halflings to establish a large civilization within. Silas, Jonas, and Ezekiel returned to town to rest and resupply, as they had no way to descend into the cavern.

They returned the next day with ropes, pulleys, barrels, and pitons, and proceeded to create a pulley elevator to descend. They descended to the bottom, prompting Ezekiel to hold the staff aloft and declare himself the new Mugwump as they approached a platform below. After some convincing, Ezekiel was confirmed as the new leader of the cannibal halflings. As first order of business, they ordered the halflings to bring out all of their gold and treasure, and load it into the cart in exchange for the secrets of metalworking (secrets to be delivered, of course). As they rose to the surface, Jonas and Silas on the platform and Ezekiel rising on flip-flops of levitate, Ezekiel declared to the halflings that he would deliver unto them a tool that would provide them with all of the secrets of metalworking, and all they had to do was wait until the moon rose in the sky before they touched it.

At the top, a smith’s hammer was prepared for delivery, with a draining barrel of water set to lower it after a short period of time. Silas, Ezekiel, and Jonas loaded their newly acquired goods onto their carts and swiftly headed back to town. Half an hour after they had started travelling, an immense explosion was heard and the ground shook and rippled beneath them. An unimaginably immense gout of fire burst out of the ground behind them from the hole leading to the cavern, and the ground began to collapse rapidly. The three barely made it to safety. The dense swamp gas had been ignited by the spark of the smith’s hammer, completely destroying the cavern and revealing its true size. The cavern was 5 miles across and had fully collapsed in, leaving a sheer pit in its place.

One Tree Hill, along with David and Nadia, were both within the radius of the cavern and are presumed deceased. Red John’s Tomb and the Moon Chamber were fortunately outside of the blast, and are both fully intact. The collapse of the cavern also revealed a myriad of new tunnels leading deeper into the darkness in the walls of the new pit.

If asked, Silas will tell you that it was not an accident, and that he had masterminded a trap to cause the ignition of the swamp gas. Time will tell if any of the three are being fully honest about the events.

Expedition to Isle Sterling

Date July 2, 2017
In Game duration 2 days
In game dates
Region Explored Lake Stirling

Party Members
Einhardt Messlefast
Silas Silverclaw
Risetta Stoneshine
Sonum Den

Wanting to find the source of lLake Stirling pollution and other problems, Einhardt rouses a party. Knowing that they will be buffeted by radiation along the way they line their armor and clothing with lead to help them resist it. With their lead lined clothing the party takes Barry’s boat towards the Isle. Arriving unmolested the party came upon the problem of getting from the boat to the shore without touching the water. They circled the island looking for some form of dock and found large automated turrets ran by robots (a form of construct run by technology, not magic, crazy right?). With the only other option being the graveled shore, the went with the graveled shore. The party was able to beach the boat with no problems. The isle is covered in sprawling buildings of enormous size and age, and tall pillars made of an unknown substance. Every standing structure radiates heat and the silence of the place is palpable. The party continued farther into the island moving towards it’s center.

While traveling the party is ambushed by 5 white cloaked rogues. They spoke an old dialect of [Insert language name here] and seemed surprised at our wearing of armor as if they hadn’t seen it before. The party although caught unaware prevails killing them all. upon closer investigation and clues during the battle(immunity to sleep, the effect of the spell boneshaker) the rogues are found to be intelligent undead, or something else effectively intelligent undead. The party took their cloaks for better stealth and possible subterfuge. Continueing on the party comes across a fight between two factions, the rogues from before and a military unit. The party attacks the rogues with hopes to make allies with the military unit and with the additional assistance the rogues are quickly killed. Notable mention, Risetta threw her Long spear at a fleeing rogue climbing a pillar killing them. Although weary and unable to speak regular common much like the rogues the military, who identified themselves as the 51st squad, allowed us to travel with them to their base of operations. We were quickly escorted to a room and told to wait for their leader who eventually comes and introduces himself as Corporal Lancaster Stirling. Wearing a translator device he tells us he was named after Sycamor Stirling whom everyone is descended from. After more questions this information is found. Sycamore Stirling is still alive, he lives next to the feed stone. The feed stone is the source of radiation and pollution, it sustains the undead populace. The population of Stirling Isle are a form of ghoul thing, they’re basically intelligent undead. They’re sterile and very long lived(unlived). They take in refugees from the north and west(opposite directions of town) and change the willing into ghouls like them. Every 50 years they call it a new generation, Lancaster is a third generation ghoul. The rogues fought before are called roof runners.

After leaving the camp the party makes their towards the large dome in the center of the isle. Through stealth and guile they make it to a large fallen building unattacked. Upon entering the building and attempting to cross they’re attacked by 5 roof runners. More prepared this time the rogues are dispatched with little injury on the parties side. The party continues to the dome. Upon arriving the radiaton constantly buffeting the party while on the isle is stronger than ever and upon opening the door and enterting, Risetta and Einhardt are hit by incredibly dangerous amounts of radiation. As they enter they see a figure who can only be Sycamore Stirling sitting buy a large chunk of green rock, wearing green crystal sunglasses made of the same substance. At first he doesn’t notice Risetta and Einhardt’s entering but after they call to him he slowly stands up and walks over. His feet are trapped in the ground not allowing him to leave, it looks like he is just walking through the floor. A looong and informative conversation was had, and the conclusion came with the Sycamore giving the party a uranium(The green Rock) tipped stick to cut both [Insert name druid guy in a tree] and Nunya out of their prisons. He also revealed he could craft items and were some long forgotten treasure was. During the entire conversation Risetta and Einhardt were buffeted by radiation and with the retrieval of the loot requiring the whole part Risetta, Silas and Sonum all got some radiation poisoning giving them Constitution DRAIN.They left promising to return to visit Sycamore as he is very lonely. They freed the druid and Nunya in turn. Nunya now resides in Redding town and has opened a tea shop, as her magic is still locked away. The druid stays with the Rotclaw tribe to keep peace but first went off to meat with Sycamore to talk. He also has a truce with Nadia the dryad to not fight. The party back in Redding Town rested.

Clearing of the Undead Caves

Date June 24, 2017
In game duration 2 days
In game dates ???
Region Explored Howling plains

Party Members
Tabs Romple
Syriss Endaylin
Scronder Crock

Upon hearing rumors of a treasure left by Red John in the Howling Plains, a party was formed consisting of Tabs Romple, Syriss Endaylin, and Scronder Crock, a cavalier, a sorcerer and an alchemist respectivly. They set out in Tab’s cart pulled by his donkey Ranseur. They were unhindered along their travel. They found a doorway to the rumored cave which was seemingly unused with no evidence of through travel and covered in vines. After clearing the vines and opening the door they were greeted by three skeletons wielding ancient weapons that were no more than clubs now and one wielding a battered longbow. The floor of the room had half fallen in creating a chasm. The skeletons were quickly Dispatched. There were two doors leading deeper into the cave, but because one was across the chasm, they went with the other one on perfectly good ground. The group found it untrapped and opened it, only to find more skeletons, two resembling the club wielding from the previous room and one cleric like skeleton able to cast chill touch. Both Tabs and Syriss fell unconscious during the battle, with Scronder killing the cleric. Scronder put the unconscious two in the cart and took them to Barry the Baggiennek whom Scronder had heard rumors of. Scronder traded his ability to grow fur the correct color for the healing of the three. Tabs, still feeling a little under, traded his “first spark”, meaning every time he tries to light a fire, the first time he’d succeed it fails. For this trade the three were also given potions of kinetic healing, 3d6+6 and 1 burn(1/hd of non lethal damage). After trading they went back to Redding town to rest and return to the caves in the morning.

Upon returning the door was re set in place and barricaded. Eventually removing the barricade the three reentered the caves. Much like the entrance the second door was barricaded, unlike the entrance it was stone shaped close. No sign of their combat with the skeletons was evident in this room. Tabs then made a makeshift bridge across the cavern using the entrance door and some pitons. With great stealth they entered opened the door finding another cleric skeleton laying on a sarcophagus. Before it had the chance to act the party destroyed it. In the room as well were the moltings of a large snake. There was another door leading to another room which held more skeletons who were killed without problem. The room had two doors, one of which connected to the second room holding the first cleric skeleton, like the first room, there was no sign of the groups combat. The large center room contained a pit, and two other unchecked doors. The first door was untrapped but led to a room of complete darkness, Syriss entered and was immediately hit by a double scythe trap hidden in the darkness. He survived and in the room Syriss found a chest holding “Immaculately Persevered” Kings Clothing tm. Unable to disable the magic trap, Syriss ran through and the party continued. The second door was also trapped, but unable to tell what the trap was nor the trigger was the party took their chances and activated it with a long stick(Tab’s Bec de Corbain). The door Sprang out from its frame and attempted to knock Tabs into the pit directly behind it. Luckily tabs held on for dear life and was unhurt. While it was resetting Scronder was able to disable it. In the room was a box of spring parts and a very well drawn picture of a king being pushed into the pit by the same trap. They investigated the pit and found a ladder leading down to a lower level, they left this to clear the rest of the floor. With only one door left they proceeded. With cunning and great courage they came up with a plan to knock and wait. Unsurprisingly it worked and out came the owner of the snake moltings, a large undead snake. They were able to kill the snake but not before it knocked Syriss and Tabs unconscious with its breath weapon. Scronder dealt the final blow and used the last of their kinetic snot potions to revive Syriss and Tabs. They collected their loot and left the caves. The lower levels left unexplored.

Raid on Fort Badger

Date: June 20, 2017
In game duration: 2 days
In game dates: September 18-19, 1 AA
Regions explored: Howling Plains 

Party Members:


~A journal lies open on a table in a room at the Foxy Ferret. Scrawled upon the page are Dwarven runes…

I arrived in Reddingtown yesterday and I must admit my expectations of this place have already been exceeded. By all evidence it seems to be a place where a dwarf can come with nary but a crossbow in hand and the monkey on his back and end the day with a fortune. Still, any good Dwarf knows that the Dwarf forgin' the picks is bound to make as much coin as one swingin' it. But I digress…

It was no sooner than I entered the local tavern that I met up with some local adventurers, it seems one of them, a strapping fellow by the name of Einhardt, had a lead on some cannibal Halflings taking up residence in the Howling Hills. It would seem however that I wasn't the only greenhorn looking for an honest day's battle. There was a holy fighter of some sort who went by Kenickie, Mazazar was a Sorcerer, and there was a halfling fellow riding a wolf he called doobs (to whom Günter took an immediate distrust).

We traveled quite a distance before coming on a sort of fort the halflings had made in the hills. From afar we could see halflings stationed at vantage points around the perimeter of a large cage with three ravenous looking dire badgers, which immediately became the focus of our plans. After considering our options it seemed like a good idea to attempt to set the cage on fire to discourage the halflings from releasing the badgers. We formed two parties and stationed each on opposite sides of the camp and gave the signal to strike. The better armored among us scrambled up the hills to take out the halfling guards as Mazazar and I gave ranged support.  One of others went to light the cage on fire with some tall grass he had cut down and lit with some flint. As we cleared the gaurds on the surface it became clear that there were more dwelling in hovels below, and we prepared to attack as they crawled out of their holes. One came out near me and left Günter a nasty scratch, but it sounded like we had the lighter share of the burden on our side of the camp.

Anyways with the ankle-biters out of the way (and fortunately with no fatalities on our side) we searched for anything of value the little shits might have hoarded from travelers they had ambushed. We didn't find any gems or fine metals, but we did find some very high quality halfling smut for which I'm sure I can find a buyer somewhere. Before we left we all felt a little bad about committing the badgers to a fate of flames, so we released them and left them some food in hopes that they wouldn't decide to eat us. Apparently it worked! We hiked on back to the Foxy Ferret, fortune in hand and heads held high.

Today I've just been catching up on local news and seeking buyers for the fine artwork we acquired, but some of the other locals have been up to some bartering of their own. A half-orc fellow was handing out some kind of healing salve in exchange for gold, or maybe shoes? I was a little confused about his pricing model. I also heard someone named Silas was trying to make a deal with a tree. All of this new information is still a little confounding, and to make it worse the town hasn't a single drop of good spirit! Or I should say hadn't, until someone brought back five kegs of Elven wine from some local vineyard they called the shining hall. It wasn't the dwarven brew I'm used to at  home, but it sure did the trick! Well, perhaps it's time to retire, I can see Günter has dug my robe and slippers out of my bag and elven wine always seems to make my eyelids a little heavy. Adventure awaits!

-Jörn Coppercord

~The runes end, but just just below them on the page is a crudely drawn banana that seems to have been scrawled by a finger or paw dipped in the inkwell nearby

Rescue Mission, and Meeting the Rotclaws

Date: June 18, 2017
In game duration: 6 days
In game dates: September 12-17, 1 AA
Regions explored: Cackling Forest, Howling Plains

Party Members:


We completed the lead helms, and so Ayel, Einhardt, and Risetta set out to rescue Silas and Alício from The Shining Halls. While Einhardt was briefly entranced, the helms successfully protected us from the effects of the Shining Halls. However, putting the helms on Alício and Silas did not successfully free their minds, so we were forced to tackle them and drag them from the halls. (Apparently this started a new dance sensation among the elves there)

On returning, Alício, Risetta, and Silas started considering how to help return mobility to the Aaron, the dwarven miner we rescued from the clutches of the Duergar.

We considered several options, and ultimately decided to ask Barry for advice. Barry directed us to the Ironwood tree sacred to the Rotclaw Tribe, and healed Aaron’s open wounds in exchange for Risetta’s ability to taste sweet. Aaron decided to remain with Barry while we dealt with the tribe.

On entering the Rotclaw tribes territory, we were approached by three of their members. We explained that we were seeking aid from the Ironwood tree (which they referred to as ‘The Divinity’). They said we couldn’t as the tree was the tribe’s, but we offered to trade the tribe for aid. They directed us to their shamans. We made an agreement to give them sheep for access to the Ironwood Tree.

We returned to town and bought two rams and seven ewes. We went to Barry’s to retrieve Aaron, and brought the sheep to the tribe. The let us into the tree’s sanctum, where we requested help from the tree. We recieved promising indications of willingness to help, but as the tree couldn’t talk, we couldn’t figure out what it wanted. We did find a spear in a stone, with an ancient journal and a lead-lined grave under the stone.

The journal was in poor condition, but we were able to determine it belonged to an ancient adventurer named Harlan. The journal mentioned journeys with Red John, Sycamore, and Thomas, with the final entry saying that Harlan was looking for some pool with Thomas.

We retrieved the spear from the stone, which had Harlan’s name on it and turned out to be a +2 Vicious Longspear. It is currently in the possession of Risetta.

The shaman informed us that the tree usually requires some compensation. We detected that there was some magic around causing problems for the tree.

We decided to assist the tribe in learning to husband their new sheep, as well as teaching them the basics of civilized conduct. While we were there, we continued to examine the tree’s surroundings, finding that it was surrounded by a lead circle. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find a way to assist the tree, so Alicío and Silas went to ask Nunya about the tree, while Risetta lead an excavation under the lead circle.

The trip to Nunya’s was very informative, were we learned that the tree was, in fact, Harlan, and that breaking the imprisonment would require something from the Island in the middle of Lake Stirling. However, she was apparently under a curse that prevented her from speaking more on the subject, and created a fast approaching terrible storm when we attempted to further question her. Alicío and Silas left quickly to return to the Rotclaw Tribe.

They arrived at the same time the excavation finished, which showed that the lead extended down 50 ft, and curved inward like a bowl, making removing it a difficult prospect. We told Harlan of our plans, and he regrew Aaron’s legs so that he could aid us in our venture to the island.

We returned to town to prepare for the exploration of the island. The storm lasted for a day, which we spent in hunkered up in town.

Aaron informed Barry that we would need a boat, and Barry came into town to inform us that he had acquired one and would let us use it in exchange for a souvenir from the island. He also informed us that the poison of the lake continued into the island, and would limit our time there.

Feeling that we were not up to delving into the island just yet, we set out to reduce the numbers of the halfling cannibals plaguing the Howling Plains. We assaulted one of their seven hills, and made short work of the defenders, although Silas fell unconscious in battle. In their hill we found four captives. Among them was Dr. (first name that I don’t remember) Collins, an elvish alchemist and doctor, and three people from The Shining Halls. We brought them back to Redding Town. The people from The Shining Halls returned home, but before they left we were able to ask the unusual behavior we had noticed from their brethren. They told us that their princess was being held for ransom by the hill people, in their greatest hill.

Rescue Mission - Preparation

Date: June 14, 2017
In game duration: 1 day
In game dates: September 11, 1 AA
Regions explored: Cackling Forest Howling Plains

Party Members:
Ayel Iryahn
Einhardt Messlefast
Risetta Stoneshine
Bolt Vilhelm
Rurick the Halfling Ranger


Back at the Foxy Ferret, Gorgzaur informed the party there that Silas and Alicio had become trapped within the Shining Halls. Determined to rescue them, we discussed the ways available to us to increase our mental fortitude so we wouldn’t get trapped when we went to rescue them. Gorgzaur knew of three possible ways: an Ironwood Tree in the woods, Nadia, or asking Nunya. We decided to investigate the Ironwood Tree.

Instead of searching blindly for the tree, we went to Barry to ask of its location. We found Barry on the shores of the lake, basking with his usual sunglasses. Barry let us know the general direction of the tree, but also warned us that it was guarded by a group of creatures who called themselves the “Rotclaw Tribe”. He let us know a better solution would be to craft helmets out of lead, which would prevent the fae of the Shining Hall from interfering with our minds.

After thanking Barry, we traveled to the Howling Plains to look for a lead deposit. We found a cave in the side of one of the larger hills that had signs of activity outside of it. There was also a sign outside of it written in Undercommon that said “Keep Out”.

Inside, we battled our way through Duergar, Homunculi, Skeletons, and one big Troll at the end. We found evidence of slavery and cannibalism by the Duergar, including one prisoner who was still left alive, but with the lower half of his legs and smaller sections of tissue removed. His name is Aaron Rothman and we brought him back to Reddingtown to recover. He told us that the Duergar came up from the Underdark, and captured and killed his family in his workshop. We also found a large horde of treasure, including enough lead to make helmets for the rescue mission.

Exploration of the Cackling Forest

Date: June 13 2017
In game duration: 2 days
In game dates: September 9-10, 1 AA
Regions explored: Cackling Forest

Party Members:


After some heated discussion the party decided it would be best to begin some cursory exploration of the Cackling Forest. They set of in the morning and traveled for roughly five miles along the ancient road before deciding to investigate a silver light that was off the beaten path to the west. Some other things that were noted before leaving the path, was a cackling somewhere which we identified as a Green Hag, and the tinkling and laughter of Elves. As the party began to follow the light they found themselves in a sticky situation, a spiders web. They were ambushed by a Large spider, but quickly dispatched it. Afterwards they continued to follow the silver light until they ended up on the shores of Lake Stirling. On the beach they met the rumored lizard wearing sunglasses who turned out to be a Baggiennik who was willing to trade information about the surrounding area, in exchange for Alicio’s ability to see small domesticated dogs. The party made their way back to the carts where they found another member of the Glearn Tribe waiting for them. Better prepared this time they took him down without too much trouble and returned to town for the night, leaving the werewolf stabilized and tied up outside the city to question the next day.

The next day the party attempted to wake the werewolf up hoping to extract some information about the tribe from him. He only began to howl when he awoke, so he was swiftly killed by Alicio with a silver bullet through the head. The party headed back into the woods hoping to find a way to contact the Elves of the forest to talk to them about the elf slave that were seen in the Howling Plains. While searching for the silver light, the party stumbled across a an older caster of the forest in her little abode. The party talked with her a little bit, learning how to summon the elves among other things. One thing of note was that she mentioned that "Red’ Jonathan and Stirling were among her “Children”. The party performed the summoning ritual of the elves and where taken to the Shining Halls. That night Gorgzaur emerged from the Shining Halls and returned to Redding Town. As of yet Alicio and Silas have not returned.

Exploration of the Howling Plains

Date: June 11, 2017
In game duration: 4 days
In game dates: September 5-8, 1 AA
Regions explored: Howling Plains

Party Members:


After recuperating in Reddings, we set off again to attempt to learn the location of Red John’s tomb. We first stopped by the Outpost, to see if anything had changed while we had been recovering in town. We found the one bandit who had initially escaped us there. He had been killed, skinned, and butchered in a similar fashion to a cow, suggesting that he had been killed for food. His body had also been displayed on a crudely made cross. The Outpost itself had clearly been trashed, and any modifications we had left in the building had been torn down. (This included Silas’s “TERRITORY OF FANGLORD SILVERCLAW” sign) While Silas fixed his sign and Sonum buried the body, we became aware of a presence watching us. Cautiously, we ventured onward.

We initially began to venture to the group of large hills we had spotted on the map when we were ambushed by a group of what appeared to be crazed halflings wearing humanoid skin leather armor. (later discovered to be “hill people”) After killing them, we determined that the group of large hills must be their home encampment, as the path ahead of us was full of traps. We decided to turn around and venture to One Tree Hill.

As we approached, we were asked to halt by a gruff voice. After agreeing to leave our weapons and wagons behind, we were allowed to enter the area. The owner of the voice turned out to be a dwarf named David, who had expertly camouflaged himself and the large gun he wields. We were shown to a small eating area under the roots of the tree (who we later learned was named Nadia ) where we witnessed 3 members of the Glearn tribe trading slaves to the Hill People. After the trade was completed, both parties left. We were served gruel from the roots of Nadia’s tree ( it tasted like grassy oatmeal ) before we ascended the hill to speak to Nadia and David.

After speaking with David, we learned about the prominent locations and factions on the Howling Plains. We also learned the history of the Howling Plains, as well as how Nadia became the only tree on the plains. (detailed on the Howling Plains wiki page) It became quickly apparent that David was under heavy mind affection magic, causing him to be deeply in love with and loyal to Nadia. While on the hill, Silas also asked if there was any healing magic available before they left, as he had been badly injured fighting the Hill people. David said that if he gave himself to Nadia, she would heal him of all of his wounds, past and present. Silas was promptly dominated and had to be restrained to prevent him from giving himself to Nadia.

The party decided to travel through the night back to Reddings in order to prevent Silas from making a break for the tree in the middle of the night. On the way back, the party was ambushed by one werewolf accompanied by 3 regular wolves. During the battle, both Silas and Sonum were bitten by the werewolf. Luckily, Sonum appeared unaffected by the bite and Silas is immune to lycanthropy due to his skinwalker heritage. Alicio defeated the werewolf in the end by adding silver coins to his bullet bag and exploding it at the feet of the enemy with a well placed shot. The rest of the journey back to Reddings was thankfully uneventful, as everyone but Alico had been rendered unconscious during the battle.

Expedition to Red John's Outpost

Date: June 11, 2017
In-game duration: 3 Days
In-game dates: September 2-4, 1 AA
Regions explored Howling Plains

Party Members


One morning in the Foxy Ferret, Alico called for fellow adventurers to assist in an expedition to Red John’s outpost in the Howling Plains. Sonum, Silas, and Risetta answered the call, and our party was formed. We set out for the outpost immediately.

Half-way to the outpost our convoy attracted a party of deserter bandits (ed: In later travels we would learn they called themselves Red John’s Sons). Fortunately we detected them tailing us before they set upon us, and we were able to prepare for the attack. We were victorious, slaying two of the bandits, while two more fled.

Coming upon the outpost, we saw that the bandits in the area had taken it as their home base. We spent a great deal of time debating how to approach them. Our debate was interrupted when a party of six came out of the outpost with bags and set off into the plains. We decided that their reduced numbers made a frontal assault feasible.

We waited 20 minutes for the bandit party to get out of hearing range of the outpost, then attacked. Sonum fell in the pitched combat, but we were able to find in their emergency stores a potion with which to revive him.

The bandit party heard the battle and returned to the outpost. Over the 20 minutes it took for them to arrive, our party fortified the fortress, boarding up the windows and laying caltrops before main entrance. We made quick work of the returning bandits, with a sole survivor fleeing into the plains.

We camped at the outpost and spent the next day loading up the valuables we could find. On the third day we headed back uneventfully.


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