Welcome to CAT West Marches!

Basic Idea

This game is run in the Pathfinder system and is a West Marches style game. You can find more information about Pathfinder at the PRD, D20PFSRD, or Archives of Nethys and more information about what a West Marches game is at Ars Lundi.

Game-specific Rules

All travel costs (including supplies) are rolled into a simple system: 1 mile = 1 gold piece. Anytime you camp in the wilderness costs (at minimum) 5 gold pieces. Any night spent in a town is free.

All excursions begin from Reddings Town. During each session, adventurers will travel to wherever they wish to explore, accomplish what they will there, and then return. Any session that ends unexpectedly will result in the adventurers travelling back to Reddings Town “off screen.” If an adventurer does not have enough gold to get back to Reddings Town, they will get as far as possible and then need to contact a GM to have a mini “returning session.”

Adventurers may make pocket money using the rules for the Profession skill. Checks will be broken up by the week, unless operating at a time of less than one week, at which point they will be made by the day. An adventurer may only make Profession checks for gold for days they are not adventuring. Mechanically, this means that if an adventurer was not a part of an excursion in the “Adventure Log,” they can make Profession checks for the time that adventure took place. Any rolls must be made with a GM at the next play session.

This is a social game. While cliques and “standard parties” may form based on peoples’ availabilities, remember that people may feel left out if they’re never invited to things or miss a super-cool excursion. Try to make everyone feel included and adventure with everyone at least once. Differences in level may make some mixed parties hard, but every adventurer can be useful in some capacity in every adventure, even if its just keeping a lookout at the front door.

Appraise is more useful than you think in West Marches. When you loot a hoard at the end of a dungeon, you (and everyone else there up to a cap of 4) will roll Appraise (you can take 10), and your roll will determine how much treasure the party as a whole gets from the hoard. If you have no ranks in Appraise, you can roll INT instead.

Any gear beyond mundane, normal adventuring gear cannot be purchased at Redding Town (initially). This includes even masterwork gear. Magic equipment, including wands, scrolls and potions, must be crafted by a Player Character or found within world.