CAT West Marches

Clearing of the Undead Caves

Date June 24, 2017
In game duration 2 days
In game dates ???
Region Explored Howling plains

Party Members
Tabs Romple
Syriss Endaylin
Scronder Crock

Upon hearing rumors of a treasure left by Red John in the Howling Plains, a party was formed consisting of Tabs Romple, Syriss Endaylin, and Scronder Crock, a cavalier, a sorcerer and an alchemist respectivly. They set out in Tab’s cart pulled by his donkey Ranseur. They were unhindered along their travel. They found a doorway to the rumored cave which was seemingly unused with no evidence of through travel and covered in vines. After clearing the vines and opening the door they were greeted by three skeletons wielding ancient weapons that were no more than clubs now and one wielding a battered longbow. The floor of the room had half fallen in creating a chasm. The skeletons were quickly Dispatched. There were two doors leading deeper into the cave, but because one was across the chasm, they went with the other one on perfectly good ground. The group found it untrapped and opened it, only to find more skeletons, two resembling the club wielding from the previous room and one cleric like skeleton able to cast chill touch. Both Tabs and Syriss fell unconscious during the battle, with Scronder killing the cleric. Scronder put the unconscious two in the cart and took them to Barry the Baggiennek whom Scronder had heard rumors of. Scronder traded his ability to grow fur the correct color for the healing of the three. Tabs, still feeling a little under, traded his “first spark”, meaning every time he tries to light a fire, the first time he’d succeed it fails. For this trade the three were also given potions of kinetic healing, 3d6+6 and 1 burn(1/hd of non lethal damage). After trading they went back to Redding town to rest and return to the caves in the morning.

Upon returning the door was re set in place and barricaded. Eventually removing the barricade the three reentered the caves. Much like the entrance the second door was barricaded, unlike the entrance it was stone shaped close. No sign of their combat with the skeletons was evident in this room. Tabs then made a makeshift bridge across the cavern using the entrance door and some pitons. With great stealth they entered opened the door finding another cleric skeleton laying on a sarcophagus. Before it had the chance to act the party destroyed it. In the room as well were the moltings of a large snake. There was another door leading to another room which held more skeletons who were killed without problem. The room had two doors, one of which connected to the second room holding the first cleric skeleton, like the first room, there was no sign of the groups combat. The large center room contained a pit, and two other unchecked doors. The first door was untrapped but led to a room of complete darkness, Syriss entered and was immediately hit by a double scythe trap hidden in the darkness. He survived and in the room Syriss found a chest holding “Immaculately Persevered” Kings Clothing tm. Unable to disable the magic trap, Syriss ran through and the party continued. The second door was also trapped, but unable to tell what the trap was nor the trigger was the party took their chances and activated it with a long stick(Tab’s Bec de Corbain). The door Sprang out from its frame and attempted to knock Tabs into the pit directly behind it. Luckily tabs held on for dear life and was unhurt. While it was resetting Scronder was able to disable it. In the room was a box of spring parts and a very well drawn picture of a king being pushed into the pit by the same trap. They investigated the pit and found a ladder leading down to a lower level, they left this to clear the rest of the floor. With only one door left they proceeded. With cunning and great courage they came up with a plan to knock and wait. Unsurprisingly it worked and out came the owner of the snake moltings, a large undead snake. They were able to kill the snake but not before it knocked Syriss and Tabs unconscious with its breath weapon. Scronder dealt the final blow and used the last of their kinetic snot potions to revive Syriss and Tabs. They collected their loot and left the caves. The lower levels left unexplored.



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