CAT West Marches

Date July 2, 2017
In Game duration 2 days
In game dates
Region Explored Lake Stirling

Party Members
Einhardt Messlefast
Silas Silverclaw
Risetta Stoneshine
Sonum Den

Wanting to find the source of lLake Stirling pollution and other problems, Einhardt rouses a party. Knowing that they will be buffeted by radiation along the way they line their armor and clothing with lead to help them resist it. With their lead lined clothing the party takes Barry’s boat towards the Isle. Arriving unmolested the party came upon the problem of getting from the boat to the shore without touching the water. They circled the island looking for some form of dock and found large automated turrets ran by robots (a form of construct run by technology, not magic, crazy right?). With the only other option being the graveled shore, the went with the graveled shore. The party was able to beach the boat with no problems. The isle is covered in sprawling buildings of enormous size and age, and tall pillars made of an unknown substance. Every standing structure radiates heat and the silence of the place is palpable. The party continued farther into the island moving towards it’s center.

While traveling the party is ambushed by 5 white cloaked rogues. They spoke an old dialect of [Insert language name here] and seemed surprised at our wearing of armor as if they hadn’t seen it before. The party although caught unaware prevails killing them all. upon closer investigation and clues during the battle(immunity to sleep, the effect of the spell boneshaker) the rogues are found to be intelligent undead, or something else effectively intelligent undead. The party took their cloaks for better stealth and possible subterfuge. Continueing on the party comes across a fight between two factions, the rogues from before and a military unit. The party attacks the rogues with hopes to make allies with the military unit and with the additional assistance the rogues are quickly killed. Notable mention, Risetta threw her Long spear at a fleeing rogue climbing a pillar killing them. Although weary and unable to speak regular common much like the rogues the military, who identified themselves as the 51st squad, allowed us to travel with them to their base of operations. We were quickly escorted to a room and told to wait for their leader who eventually comes and introduces himself as Corporal Lancaster Stirling. Wearing a translator device he tells us he was named after Sycamor Stirling whom everyone is descended from. After more questions this information is found. Sycamore Stirling is still alive, he lives next to the feed stone. The feed stone is the source of radiation and pollution, it sustains the undead populace. The population of Stirling Isle are a form of ghoul thing, they’re basically intelligent undead. They’re sterile and very long lived(unlived). They take in refugees from the north and west(opposite directions of town) and change the willing into ghouls like them. Every 50 years they call it a new generation, Lancaster is a third generation ghoul. The rogues fought before are called roof runners.

After leaving the camp the party makes their towards the large dome in the center of the isle. Through stealth and guile they make it to a large fallen building unattacked. Upon entering the building and attempting to cross they’re attacked by 5 roof runners. More prepared this time the rogues are dispatched with little injury on the parties side. The party continues to the dome. Upon arriving the radiaton constantly buffeting the party while on the isle is stronger than ever and upon opening the door and enterting, Risetta and Einhardt are hit by incredibly dangerous amounts of radiation. As they enter they see a figure who can only be Sycamore Stirling sitting buy a large chunk of green rock, wearing green crystal sunglasses made of the same substance. At first he doesn’t notice Risetta and Einhardt’s entering but after they call to him he slowly stands up and walks over. His feet are trapped in the ground not allowing him to leave, it looks like he is just walking through the floor. A looong and informative conversation was had, and the conclusion came with the Sycamore giving the party a uranium(The green Rock) tipped stick to cut both [Insert name druid guy in a tree] and Nunya out of their prisons. He also revealed he could craft items and were some long forgotten treasure was. During the entire conversation Risetta and Einhardt were buffeted by radiation and with the retrieval of the loot requiring the whole part Risetta, Silas and Sonum all got some radiation poisoning giving them Constitution DRAIN.They left promising to return to visit Sycamore as he is very lonely. They freed the druid and Nunya in turn. Nunya now resides in Redding town and has opened a tea shop, as her magic is still locked away. The druid stays with the Rotclaw tribe to keep peace but first went off to meat with Sycamore to talk. He also has a truce with Nadia the dryad to not fight. The party back in Redding Town rested.



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