CAT West Marches

Rescue Mission, and Meeting the Rotclaws

Date: June 18, 2017
In game duration: 6 days
In game dates: September 12-17, 1 AA
Regions explored: Cackling Forest, Howling Plains

Party Members:


We completed the lead helms, and so Ayel, Einhardt, and Risetta set out to rescue Silas and Alício from The Shining Halls. While Einhardt was briefly entranced, the helms successfully protected us from the effects of the Shining Halls. However, putting the helms on Alício and Silas did not successfully free their minds, so we were forced to tackle them and drag them from the halls. (Apparently this started a new dance sensation among the elves there)

On returning, Alício, Risetta, and Silas started considering how to help return mobility to the Aaron, the dwarven miner we rescued from the clutches of the Duergar.

We considered several options, and ultimately decided to ask Barry for advice. Barry directed us to the Ironwood tree sacred to the Rotclaw Tribe, and healed Aaron’s open wounds in exchange for Risetta’s ability to taste sweet. Aaron decided to remain with Barry while we dealt with the tribe.

On entering the Rotclaw tribes territory, we were approached by three of their members. We explained that we were seeking aid from the Ironwood tree (which they referred to as ‘The Divinity’). They said we couldn’t as the tree was the tribe’s, but we offered to trade the tribe for aid. They directed us to their shamans. We made an agreement to give them sheep for access to the Ironwood Tree.

We returned to town and bought two rams and seven ewes. We went to Barry’s to retrieve Aaron, and brought the sheep to the tribe. The let us into the tree’s sanctum, where we requested help from the tree. We recieved promising indications of willingness to help, but as the tree couldn’t talk, we couldn’t figure out what it wanted. We did find a spear in a stone, with an ancient journal and a lead-lined grave under the stone.

The journal was in poor condition, but we were able to determine it belonged to an ancient adventurer named Harlan. The journal mentioned journeys with Red John, Sycamore, and Thomas, with the final entry saying that Harlan was looking for some pool with Thomas.

We retrieved the spear from the stone, which had Harlan’s name on it and turned out to be a +2 Vicious Longspear. It is currently in the possession of Risetta.

The shaman informed us that the tree usually requires some compensation. We detected that there was some magic around causing problems for the tree.

We decided to assist the tribe in learning to husband their new sheep, as well as teaching them the basics of civilized conduct. While we were there, we continued to examine the tree’s surroundings, finding that it was surrounded by a lead circle. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find a way to assist the tree, so Alicío and Silas went to ask Nunya about the tree, while Risetta lead an excavation under the lead circle.

The trip to Nunya’s was very informative, were we learned that the tree was, in fact, Harlan, and that breaking the imprisonment would require something from the Island in the middle of Lake Stirling. However, she was apparently under a curse that prevented her from speaking more on the subject, and created a fast approaching terrible storm when we attempted to further question her. Alicío and Silas left quickly to return to the Rotclaw Tribe.

They arrived at the same time the excavation finished, which showed that the lead extended down 50 ft, and curved inward like a bowl, making removing it a difficult prospect. We told Harlan of our plans, and he regrew Aaron’s legs so that he could aid us in our venture to the island.

We returned to town to prepare for the exploration of the island. The storm lasted for a day, which we spent in hunkered up in town.

Aaron informed Barry that we would need a boat, and Barry came into town to inform us that he had acquired one and would let us use it in exchange for a souvenir from the island. He also informed us that the poison of the lake continued into the island, and would limit our time there.

Feeling that we were not up to delving into the island just yet, we set out to reduce the numbers of the halfling cannibals plaguing the Howling Plains. We assaulted one of their seven hills, and made short work of the defenders, although Silas fell unconscious in battle. In their hill we found four captives. Among them was Dr. (first name that I don’t remember) Collins, an elvish alchemist and doctor, and three people from The Shining Halls. We brought them back to Redding Town. The people from The Shining Halls returned home, but before they left we were able to ask the unusual behavior we had noticed from their brethren. They told us that their princess was being held for ransom by the hill people, in their greatest hill.



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