Sonum Den

Half Orc Scarred Witch Doctor 4


Race HORC Class Witch(Scarred Witch Doctor)
Level 4 Experience 10200/15000
STR 12 DEX 14 CON 13 (1 Con Drain usualy 14)
INT 21 WIS 10 CHA 7
Senses Darkvision

Great Axe +3 (1d12 +1) 20 x3
Light Crossbow +4 (1d8) 19-20 x2
Ranged Touch attack +4 (effect)

HP 28(4d6) AC 13 FF 11 T 12
FOR 4 WIL 5 REF 5 CMD 15
Speed 30
Special Scar shield (2 natural armor) Mage armor (4 Armor)

MAGIC (Ancestor Patron) prepared caster
Hexes – DC 18
Scar Shield, slumber
Level 0 – DC 16 – 4/day
Arcane Mark, Bleed, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Guidance, Light, Message, Putrefy Food and Drink, Read Magic, Resistance, Spark, Stabalize, Touch of fatigue
Level 1 – DC 17 – 5/day
Cause Fear, Cure Light Wounds, Delay Disease, Diagnose Disease, Enlarge Person, Mage armor, Obscuring mist, Reduce Person, Sleep, Snowball, Unseen Servant, Mount, Ray of enfeeblement, bless
Level 2 – DC 18 – 4/day
Aid, Boneshaker, Glitterdust, Vomit Swarm, Web

Feats Endurance, Spell focus necromancy, Scribe Scroll
Abilities Fierce Intelegence, Scar Shield, Darkvision 60, Slumber, Flight
Traits Cosmopoltain(perception, Survival), Fate’s Favored, Sacred Tatto(scar), Shaman’s apprentice, Weapon Familiarity

Appraise (9) Fly (6) Heal (11 with items) K. Arcana (12) K.Hist (11) K.Nature (11) Linguistics (6) Perception (9) Profession Doktor (4) Spellcraft (12) Survival (4) Craft Medicine (9)
Languages common, orc, abyssal, draconic, giant, gnoll, elf, dwarf, undercommon

ITEMS Gold()
Armored Kilt, Great Axe, Healer’s Kit, Surgeon’s Kits (26), Pathfinder’s kit, Light Crossbow, Stretcher, rope, pitons(10), Red John’s journal(shared with AlĂ­cio Martinos Juarez), 2 Bear trap, Roof Runners Cloak


After traveling for years as his father’s apprentice in the wilderness, Sonum Den has completed his training and inherited his father’s mask. Now on his own Sonum’s travels have taken him to the town of Redding on the edge of civilization, where he believes his skills will be most valuable. He’s just arrived today and sits tentatively in the Foxy Ferret.

Current Goals
Meeting Orc tribe
Removal of Nadia the dryad from one tree hill.
Disbandment of slave trade in Howling plains.
Removal of Undead Red John.

Sonum Den

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