Downtime Shops


Alicio Martinos Juarez
Craft Weapon +8
Craft Alchemy +7
Profession Alchemist +5


Sonum Den
Craft Medicinal Supplies (9)
Diagnose Disease (spell)
Heal (12)
Profession Doctor (4)

Johan Smith (NPC)

+ 10 Craft: Arms and Armor
Can craft all mundane armor and weapons at normal market price.
Always takes 10, so his Craft check is always 20. Use this to determine how long it will take for him to complete your item (check the Craft page).

Current Schedule:

  • Plow (2 days remain) for Farmer Fred
  • (feel free to add yourself and the days remaining)
  • (feel free to add yourself and the days remaining)


Craft Wonderous Items
+16 spellcraft (w/ crafter’s fortune & familiar)
9/15: Cloak of Resistance +1
9/16: Bracers of Armor +1
9/17: Amulet of Natural Armor +1
9/18: Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2
9/19: Adventuring: Scroll of Infernal Healing
9/20: Boots, Daredevil Softpaw
9/21-25:Feat retraining, Scrolls of Infernal Healing x5

The Scribbery, a library for scrolls
A cart with chairs and tables in front sits next to the foxy ferret, the sign reads “Scribery Den”
The scribery is scroll repository and trade system. It’s goal is to gather scrolls for the purposes of copying into spellbooks and the like without causing annoying trade problems.

Lending to us
If you have a scroll not in the scribbery(see below) we will, if funds are available, borrow the scroll for copying purposes. Once the scroll has been learned and a copy made, it will be returned to you along with 10% of whatever the scroll is worth as payment. If no one who works at the scribbery can copy it you can donate if you want to.

Lending from us
If you want a spell that we have you are free to borrow it for the purposes of copying only, you must return the scroll once copied but other than your own costs for copying you are charged nothing. Of course if the scroll is lost and you cannot a return a copy there is a fee of 2 times the cost of the scroll.

Selling scrolls
Any that is known can be bought at 3/4ths market price. The only reason its not cheaper is to cover incentive costs and eventual expansion. Right now there are no scrolls in bulk but someday maybe.

Buying scrolls
We don’t. We only take lends for the purposes of copying.

Any donation of money or scroll is greatly appreciated and always accepted.

Working at the scribery
If you can scribe a scroll you are fit to work at the scribery. Work is split up by ability and a semi rotation.

Soon if there are enough funds, volunteers will be given a fund to get scrolls in their known spells so that anyone can make any scroll. For now try to find the person who can.

Eventually volunteered will get payed if funds allowed.

Working/currently on desk
Sonum Den, Witch 4, Spellcraft 11 (on desk)


Money break down
66% Paying incentives and making copies(100gp)
34% Treasury

Spells known
1st level
Bless, Cause Fear, Cure Light Wounds,Delay Disease, Diagnose Disease, Enlarge Person, Mage Armor, Mount, Obscuring Mist, Ray of enfeeblement, Reduce Person, Sleep, Snowball, Unseen Servant
2nd Level
Aid, Boneshaker, Glitterdust, Vomit Swarm, Web

Downtime Shops

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